The privacy issues around wearable tech? | The coil interviews: Dr. Katinia Michael

Great pod cast discussing the privacy issues around wearable tech.

The COIL is a weekly radio show/podcast exploring the nexus of technology and culture.

Katina Michael is an associate professor in the School of Information Systems and Technology and a member of the Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research (IIBSOR) at the University of Wollongong. She is the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine editor-in-chief and also serves on the editorial board of Elsevier’s Computers & Security journal. Since 2008 she has been a board member of the Australian Privacy Foundation.


The pod cast is a great primer on the privacy issues around wearable tech. In particular as a function of it’s pervasiveness. If you are in the mood for some more detail, Katrina Michael’s papers on wearables, implants and privacy can be found here.